SAAL Biennaal 2021

Single tickets 10/15 EUR are available until 4.08 and 13/18 EUR from 5.08.

Limited amount of 5 event passes are available at Fienta 45/65 EUR (entry to 5 different events or 5 tickets for one event).

Tickets for “Physical Evidence Museum” are 5 EUR.

Performances in public space “MOLAR” and “Happiness” are free!

All tickets available at Fienta!

We can only welcome visitors who present a proof of being vaccinated against, recovered from or have a negative test result of Covid-19, rules apply for audience over 18. Please bring your ID and covid pass or an appropriate proof.

Rules mentioned above do not apply to events in public space “MOLAR”, “Happiness”, “Artist Walk” and to the exhibition “Physical Evidence Museum” and reading salon RILE*.

Ticket sales and festival events in general take place according to the current Covid-19 related restrictions and the organiser keeps the right to make changes – follow the most updated info at