Eesti keelne tõlge ilmub peagi: In the core of LATEST programme is a new creation “THE FIRST TO LEAVE”. Starting from the first residency in Oleri last April, eight performing artists from Latvia and Estonia, have been looking for a common theme that would be interesting for the all involved and for the audiences in both countries. Even though the attitude towards Livs or Livonians is different in each country, this nation has played an important role in the context of statehood and different ideologies governing Latvia and Estonia. The fate of Livs stands as a reminder about the impermanent nature of all things in the world and a warning that disappearance of a small nation can be quick and imminent. The performance looks closer at the role of each country’s politics in the life of Livs and what does it mean to be a Liv today? Eventually, it asks a question: Is the disappearance really a tragedy? The authors of “First to Liiv” are composer Toms Auniņš, set designers Austra Hauks and Epp Kubu, choreographers Joanna Kalma and Karolin Poska, visual and video artist Kristina Norman, dramaturg, director and performer Kārlis Krūmiņš and director Valters Sīlis.