The cake won’t burn in the oven at 175 degrees.
The bus will come in less than 5 minutes.
The rain will stop early in the morning before leaving for work.
The supermarket will have at least two bottles of cherry beer left.
The embarrassing message in the phone won’t be sent.
The neighbor will say Hello and smile in the corridor.
The charger of the laptop won’t break before the payday.
The stain will be washed off from the white pants.
The bag won’t be too heavy to carry around the whole day.
The sun will come out soon and the pictures will look cheerful and bright.
The nail-polish won’t come off while doing the dishes.
The soup jar won’t leak in the backpack with the training clothes and the borrowed book.
The blister under the toe will heal on its own in a short time.
The keys won’t be lost in the mess of the room.
The water will be warm till the end of the shower.
The milk will be good for another two days.
The heating will work throughout the whole winter.
The computer will have enough space to store the upcoming notes.
The door of the cupboard won’t fall off if it is not used.
The candle won’t start a fire on the kitchen window.
The friend won’t be mad at all for not calling for two weeks.
The ticket will apply for the whole festival.
The birthmark won’t turn into skin cancer.
The hole in the stocking won’t be noticed.
The pimple will be covered with make-up.
The colors won’t mix in the washing machine.
The garlic will prevent the flu.
The hair will grow back after the bad haircut.
The concept will make the piece.
The dress will look serious for the job interview.
The black pen will make the handwriting look better in the notebook.
The calendars will sync.
The plant will grow taller next spring and will be replanted into the bigger pot.
The gym membership will last even though last month's payment didn't go through.
The candle light will make the mood.
The noise in the bathroom will not mean that the air conditioner is broken.
The man will come by and fix the fridge on Thursday.
The owner of the flat won’t raise the rent till the end of the contract.
The plane schedule will be changed to the summer schedule in a few days.
The regular training will eventually make fit.
The back pain will disappear when it is taken care of the way the doctor advised.
The electric toothbrush will clean the teeth better than the non-electrical brush.
The olive oil mask used once a week will make the hair healthy.
The note on the outside door will remind them to keep it closed.
The change given to the boy in the metro station will be used for a good cause.
The red traffic light will change to green.
The health insurance will cover the regular check-ups.
The 30min walk will relax the mind and give a chance to clear the thoughts.
The unbought chocolate bar will keep the sugar level low.
The tip left to the waiter will thank him for the friendly service.
The ignoring of an insulting comment in the library will show how wrong the offender is.
The drivers license will show the competence of the driver.
The continued news reading from the different sources will keep up-to-date with the world.
The diet will be healthy when it contains different fruits and vegetables.
The burn-out will be prevented with the time-outs by the sea.
The being-few-minutes-late will not be seen as disrespectful.
The dark streets will be supplied with street lamps.
The punches will end in the punching bags.
The forgotten birthdays of friends will be forgiven.
The bicycle will still be in front of the cinema after the movie ends.
The toilet paper will not be out when it is most needed.
The tomatoes will smell like the tomatoes.
The stairs will not be slippery when going up.
The stairs will not be slippery when going down either.
The refillable water bottle will reduce the amount of the plastic bottles.
The glass chips from the broken glass will be all gathered.
The first flowers of the year won't be taken by the cold.
The gum under the shoe will end up in the nearest bin.
The name tag on the doorbell will be spelled correctly.
The floor will be safe to step on.
The bird poop will bring luck.
The New Year's Eve will be in 100 days.
The zipper will hold the two sides of the coat together.
The tea will be a little less hot in a moment.
The lost gloves will be found.
The postman will come on Monday morning.
The rainbow will always be somewhere.
The light will fill in the dark.
The body will be able to run the marathon.
The taste of apples will continue to be amazing.
The possibility for dancing will be given.
The doors will be open.
The lie will come out.
The power position won't be exploited.
The elevator will take you to the 7th floor.
The earplugs will muffle the unwanted sounds.
The singing voice will be trainable.
The leaves will fall off in the late autumn.
The rooftop will have a great view over the hood.
The smell will not be shit under my shoe sole.
The stretching will result in the split.
The earth will not be hit by the asteroid.
The deadline won't cause stress.
The internet will work fast.
The cream will moisten the dry skin.
The application will go through.
The pimple is gone by tomorrow.
The sore throat is not covid.
The letter in the mailbox is not bad news.
The tickets for Friday's show are still available.
The wrong wording will not be noticed.
The pasta from two days ago is still fine.
The rain will stop.
The rain will come.
The work will be enough.
The promises will be kept.
The air will flow.
The flowers will last for a week at least.
The payment will go through.
The smile in the corridor will be noticed.
The opportunities will keep coming.
The blister won't hurt.
The card payment at the counter will go through.
The bus is not full.
The car will also start with minus degrees.
The coffee won't spill on the laptop.
The growing age will make it better.
The snoring will not be noticed.
The winter will still feel romantic after 4 months.
The joke will be funny and remembered.
The socks are not smelly after an 8h day.
The postponed hairdresser visit will not be noticed.
The jam jar lid will open easily.
The 3.5 euros will be in the pocket for a quick beer at the bar.
The person before did not leave traces in the public bathroom.
The red socks can be washed with the white shirt.
The chewing gum will hide the garlic bread from lunch.
The paper shopping bag will hold in the rain.
The moment will be right.
The table for two will be available at 20.00.
The ticket controllers will not come in the next three stops.
The judgment will not be made today.
The deadline will not be missed.
The decisions will be taken seriously.
The motivation will come back.
The fitting shoes will be sold in the shopping mall on that day.
The face cream will nourish the skin.
The light wont go out while you are in the toilet.
The good intentions meet the good deed.
The purple wallpaper will look good in the living room.
The new roundabout is easily understood.
The offer meets the demand.
The only single person in the group will also feel included.
The restlessness helps to not stay in addictive habits.
The uneasy sleeping does not affect the mood.
The body is strong evenly and lastingly.
The Birthdays will not be forgotten.
The health insurance will be had.
The responsibility is taken for actions.
The narrative will save the soul.
The urgent email will be answered.
The shared experience will consulate.
The head will not explode.
The basil on the window seal keeps growing.

Text from the performance COWBODY by Hanna Kritten Tangsoo and Sigrid Savi