Kanuti Gildi SAAL's 19th season.

Here is the first Kanuti Gildi SAAL’s booklet of the 19th season that actually started already with the grand festival of SAAL Biennaal, curated by Annika Üprus.
The light of a full bodied festival is still shining upon us as Alissa Šnaider’s “Weird tales I have tried to write” Chapter III is premiering on our opening night on 23rd of September. “Weird tales…” started with a photo project and had a grand spectacle in Noblessner Shipyard during SAAL Biennaal. Next to that we have invited two emerging stars of performing arts to our opening night - Elina Masing, who is still a student in Viljandi Culture Academy and Netti Nüganen who freshly graduated from SNDO. A night like this characterizes well our goal to work with established artists as well as ones that are in the beginning of their creative road.
Soon after Teater KELM and Karl Koppelmaa will premiere their new work. Having hosted them last year we can expect something fresh and surprising.
Last time we saw Mart Kangro with a solo was in 2013 with “waiting for tomorrow”, now in October “PAST PERFECT” is coming out. It goes without saying that something really special and thought-provoking is to be expected. “PAST PERFECT” will also travel straight away to Tartu together with “All that goes right” by the Biofilm Sisters - Arolin Raudva, Mari-Liis Eskusson, Katrin Kreutzberg and Alise Bokaldere. Kanuti Gildi SAAL @Tartu!
While we are touring in Tartu Birgit Landberg and Must Kast will visit us with the all popular “Peks mõisatallis”.
Our own co-productions will go on touring to Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Trondheim, Dublin and Bergen. In October we will see a new performance by an unique and well-known fashion artist and designer LAIVI and at the end of the month Estonian premiere of “Lighter than woman” - a lecture-performance by Kristina Norman that premiered in Santarcangelo Festival in Italy. Kanuti Gildi SAAL has not gone along with the unreasonable rise in ticket prices and will not do so in the foreseeable future. Theater has to be attainable for everybody. It`s not normal that prices for similar performances in Tallinn and Tartu are more expensive than in Berlin, Brussels or Vienna. Our prices have stayed the same for years. Happy new theater season!



(Call for residency - scroll down for English)

Kuulutame välja konkursi täitmaks kaks residentuurikohta 2021 esimesel poolaastal Kanuti Gildi SAALis.

Tegemist on ühekuulise residentuuriga, mida toetab stipendiumiga Eesti Kultuurkapital ning mille peamine eesmärk on pakkuda kunstnikule võimalust eksperimenteerida, arendada oma ideid ja uurida huvipakkuvaid teemasid.

Residentuuriruumiks saab vastavalt teie eelistatud ajale pakkuda kas Püha Vaimu SAALi või keldrisaali.

Ootame teie ideede kirjeldusi, residentuuri ajalist ja ruumi eelistust ning CV-sid kuni 14. detsembrini 2021 aadressile

Üleskutse on avatud jagamiseks!

Call for residency!

Kanuti Gildi SAAL is looking for artist-in-residency in the first half of year 2021.

We have two one month residency vacancies, which are funded by Estonian Cultural Endowment and its very nature is to offer a chance to experiment and research on a relevant topic for the artist.

Resident(s) can work at Püha Vaimu SAAL or at Cellar Hall according to your preferred residency time.

The residency is opened for artists who are residing in Estonia or come from Estonia.

We are waiting your idea descriptions, preferred period and room for residency and CVs to Deadline is 14th of December 2021.

This call is open for sharing!

9th season of Kanuti Gildi SAAL has ended. It was truly an impetuous and sharp one and finished abruptly as for everybody else due to the epidemic. Nonetheless it was successful, while continuing our path of exploration and internationality 8 new co-productions premiered this season: Alissa Šnaider’s trilogy “Weird tales I have tried to write”, Madlen Hirtentreu’s performative installation “Clinic after Boat”, Italian creative platform Mali Weil’s performance “Forests | Unlearning”, Mart Kangro’s long awaited solo “PAST PERFECT”, Henri Hütt and Maarin Mürk’s innovative and experimental project production platform “RESCRIPT”, Iggy Lond Malmborg’s duet with Rea Lest “Things in My Mouth”, Emer Värk’s controversial “You Will See So Many Pretty Things” and Netti Nüganen and Laura Van Bergem’s “Victoria’s secret”. Three planned premieres were postponed to the upcoming season. During the season there were total 164 public events and 15 000 people attended them.
As well as co-producing international artists, our performances often get invited to abroad. In total there were 29 guest performances in Slovenia, Sweden, Latvia, Ireland, Finland and Belgium. Due to the virus 24 guest performances in foreign countries got canceled. It’s safe to say that Kanuti Gildi SAAL is the most internationally touring theatre in Estonia.
The highlights of the season among others are organizing the international performing arts festival SAAL Biennaal and traditional performing arts festival of short formats Made in Estonia Marathon. Additionally, we were helping out new creative platform eˉlektron with their Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance, which was the first virtual performing arts festival in Estonia.
Our anniversary season lies in front of us and on the 30th of January 2021 we are celebrating our 20th birthday. All these years we have focused on the artists. Artists from Estonia and abroad; artists, who haven’t been afraid to take risks and who are interested in our current surroundings. We are glad to announce our next season’s co-productions premieres.
First premieres are happening very soon at Baltoscandal festival in Rakvere. “Planet Alexithymia” by Karl Saks which was supposed to come out in April is now premiering on the 1st of July at Rakvere Theatre’s black box, next performances are at Kanuti Gildi SAAL in September. Also on the first day of festival creative platform eˉlektron will premiere their first performance “Romeo & Julia #5”. Last but not least Kristina Norman will perform her lot of feedback received lecture-performance “Lighter than woman”.
The season in our venue will start at the end of August, where the first premiere is also postponed and therefor long awaited performance by the trio of Mart Kangro, Eero Epner and Juhan Ulfsak. We can expect anything from these guys! This time the focused subjects are real estate and perspectives. At the same time another premiere is happening but in Tartu – a site specific and participatory performance “supersocial” by Siim Tõniste and Üüve-Lydia Toompere, which hits off at a new festival Tartu Interdistsiplinaar and also in September infront of Tallinn and Viljandi audience. British well known theatre company Forced Entertainment have visited Estonia many times, recently in 2017 fall at Kanuti Gildi SAAL, when they staged all Shakespeare 36 known plays only using items from the kitchen. This time they are doing it live online from their home kitchens for 9 weeks 4 shows a week. it’s an honour to be a co-producer in such a fascinating project. Also furthermore new performances by Karolin Poska, Marta & Edgar Vunsh and Artjom Astrov and Ruslan Stepanov are waiting for their audience.

Kanuti Gildi SAAL is looking for artist-in-residency at Püha Vaimu SAAL in the first half of year 2020. We have two one month residency vacancies, which are funded by Estonian Cultural Endowment and its very nature is to offer a chance to experiment and research on a relevant topic for the artist.
For the time period we kindly ask You to choose if You would like to work in January, February, May or June.
The residency is opened for artists who are residing in Estonia or come from Estonia. 

We are waiting your idea descriptions, preferred period for residency and CVs to Deadline is 19th of December 2019.

This call is open for sharing!

Kanuti Gildi SAAL is looking for artist-in-residency at Püha Vaimu SAAL for september and december 2018. We have two one month residency vacancies, which are funded by Estonian Cultural Endowment and its very nature is to offer artist a chance to rather experiment than to work on a completed body of work.

We are waiting your idea descriptions, preferred period for residency and CVs to Deadline is 21st of May.

This call is open for sharing.

On the 10th of March Kanuti Gildi SAAL’s most popular event – made in estonia marathon* – performing arts short form festival is held. If you have a flash idea while reading this or something has been boiling up in you for a while, let us know about it and contact to 28th of February the latest. In addition to technical rider, please include names of the artists and short description of the performance.

Short formats of performances, films and etc should max last for 10 minutes and it should be original creation made especially for made in estonia marathon. This is an unique opportunity to test stuff and step out of your comfort zone.

*Not to mix up with the same named copies.

Contemporary performing arts centre Kanuti Gildi SAAL and friends are going to Düsseldorf and Nanterre within the framework of Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and a hundred years of the Republic of Estonia to celebrate its birthday.

On 24th-25th of November Kanuti Gildi SAAL from Tallinn celebrates the first Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and a hundred years of the Republic of Estonia at the professional free theatre Forum Freies Theater and at local alternative film centre Filmwerkstatt in Düsseldorf. Moreover, similar event, but with different content also takes place in Nanterre, France. Düsseldorf’s event is titled Sünnipäevapidu and the one at France Week End Estonien.

Sünnipäevapidu and Week End Estonien are events that in addition to its celebratory purpose create an opportunity for local agile ones to enjoy Estonian unique art. The programme for both events is combined with the collaboration partner taken the local context into consideration. One weekend in Düsseldorf and in Nanterre are melting pot of theatre, film and visual-musical performances, which on one hand affirms our 100 year old country belonging to the European cultural sphere, but also gives an opportunity to show our one-of-a-kind artworks.

The programme in Düsseldorf begins on friday at the local Filmwerkstatt, where Daniel Vaarik will talk about e-residency and also have a discussion with Patrick Schiffer (federal chairman of Pirate Party) about the possibilities of democracy during the Internet era. The evening continues with the Theatre NO99 documentary about creating a fake political party as a theatre grand event “Ash and Money” and ends with the electronical music duo Cubus Larvik together with VJ Emer Värk. On saturday at Forum Freies Theater Karl Saks will show his solo piece “State and design”, that was awarded by the Estonian Theatre Union as the best dance performance “Maike Lond Malmborg will perform with her lecture-performance “10 journeys to a place where nothing happens*” that has toured around the world and last but not least Kädi Metsoja’s energetic circus and dance performance “Moiste”.


The contact from Kanuti Gildi SAAL: Maarja Kalmre
+372 55647931

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Press release
The first showing of theatre performance “Uncanny You” by Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Lærke Grøntved

“Uncanny You” work-in-progress showing takes place at 19:30 on July 27. The event will be live-streamed to the residency center Arts Letters and Numbers in New York as part of their summer workshop program, this year focusing on the topic Constitution. The showing is followed by a discussion between the audiences in Tallinn and in New York.

About the performance:
“Uncanny You” is audio-visual theatre performance by Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Lærke Grøntved. The project researches and focuses on “uncanny” spaces and situations.

The term “uncanny” was first mentioned by Sigmund Freud in his essay “Das Unheimliche” in 1919. The word “uncanny” refers to something that is strangely familiar, rather than simply mysterious; arousing superstitious fear or dread; uncomfortably strange”. “Uncanny You” works around this term in relation to our heated up political climax - it is a cross disciplinary performance using elements of concert, poetry, video, movement, visual and text based theatre. The text in the performance is partly written by the authors and partly re-constructed from found articles and recent news (New York Times, The Guardian). Parallel the project focuses on insect’s survival strategies and mimicry to mirror and communicate what is happening in the humans world (inspired by the essay “Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia” by Roger Caillois).

“Uncanny You” is an international theatre project. It is co-produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn, Estonia where it will premiere on September 26th, 2017. Important supporters are residency center Arts Letters and Numbers in New York, USA and Teater Momentum in Odense, Denmark.

Ann Mirjam (EST) is a theatre and visual artist. She recently came back from New York where she did her year long internship at the Storefront for Art and Architecture gallery in Soho. For the last two summers she participated the Watermill Center International Summer program (Long Island, NY) led by a theatre director Robert Wilson. In 2015 she graduated her studies in scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy.

Lærke (DK) is a performer and composer. She is a part of the independent theatre group T.I.T.S and has been traveling with the performances “Forced Beauty” and “MINE”, and with Bianca Casady (Cocorosie) on her Europe tour 2015. Last year in Tallinn she performed her solo concert ”Before the Storm”. In 2015 she graduated her studies in acting at Norwegian Theatre Academy.

About Arts Letters and Numbers:
Arts Letters & Numbers is a place of creative urgency and intensity of purpose, a place to create new linkages, new thought processes, new pathways of understanding that embody our best hopes and aspirations. It is a place where many elements come together to co-construct questions and works, of empathy, of ethics, of imagination; it is a place to explore the nuanced fragilities in our shared stories.

This July Arts Letters & Numbers are organizing their 6th interdisciplinary summer workshop, this year entitled Contitiution. With Constitution, Arts Letters & Numbers proposes a dynamic crucible of free thought, a space where the widest spectrum of who we are can ask the questions of our time and create works that will bring us forward. A space where many elements can come together to create the alchemy of transforming how we experience today into how we will experience tomorrow. The questions of Constitution open a riddle, a space, an eddy, and contain perhaps, a way of finding north.

Authors and Directors: Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Lærke Grøntved
Performers: Lærke Grøntved and Per Magnus Barlaug
Scenographer: Ann Mirjam Vaikla
Costume Designer: Ditte Trudslev Jensen
Sound Designer: Kenn-Eerik Kannike
Light Designer: Revo Koplus
Videographer: Ingel Vaikla
Technical support: Henry Kasch
Co-Producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Arts Letters & Numbers, Theatre Momentum
Premiere: 26.09.2017 at Kanuti Gildi SAAL



INSTAGRAM: @uncannyyou

Press release 26.06.2017
Performing arts festival SAAL Biennaal is coming.

SAAL Biennaal is a two-week-long international performing arts festival that takes place 15. - 27. August in Tallinn. SAAL Biennaal is also the predecessor of Tallinn’s oldest contemporary dance festival August DanceFestival.

SAAL Biennaal is a possibility not only to see and experience, but also to co-create space and time via 12 and more meetings with artists and their works without a precedent guarantee goal. A chance to notice details that we otherwise would not notice or tend to ignore. Try out something we would not do otherwise. To look beyond the obvious, whether this creates space for something new to appear?

SAAL Biennaal will be present in Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Von Krahl Theatre and Vaba Lava, but also behind Linnahall, in Tallinn University Academy Library, in the basement at MIMStuudio, in the lecture rooms of Estonian Art Academy and in the hall of OMAtsirkus. There are performances that happen at usual time and venues, but also events that take place in the backrooms of a trendy soap shop that has suddenly appeared in Old Town (Julian Hetzel “Schuldfabrik”) or that take real form via the activities executed by the spectator itself at a table in the reading room of a library (Ant Hampton, Tim Etchells “The Quiet Volume”) or events where the stage is filled with physical and virtual trash (Sarah Vanhee “OBLIVION”) or where the performative event itself is hidden into graves (Tania El Khoury “Gardens Speak”) or that last through the whole night from dusk till dawn (Mårten Spångberg “Natten”).

SAAL Biennaal 2017 festival hosts artists that are both well-known and not so known to our audiences: Julian Hetzel (Utrecht), MOTUS (Rimini), Nele Suisalu ja Maarja Tõnisson (Tallinn), Sarah Vanhee (Brussels), Rima Najdi (Berlin), Kadri Noormets ja Asia Baś ja Gabriel da Luz (Tallinn-Cape Town-Belo Horizonte), Tania El Khoury (Beirut), Ant Hampton ja Tim Etchells (Heidelberg-London), Galerie (international), Karl Saks (Tallinn), Iggy Lond Malmborg (Malmö-Tallinn), Mårten Spångberg (Stockholm-Brussels).

In addition to experiencing the works of these artists it is also time to discuss on the topics theatre / wakefulness within the event series of shared thoughts organized in collaboration with Estonian Theatre Agency - if and how are we ready for this reality that is already normalized around us? It is also time to flick through POST-DANCE book, a publication that holds a possibility to imagine the unimaginable or to have in your hands some brand new publications!

SAAL Biennial as a mosaic reflection of ourselves - how to understand that if there are no instructions? What is it, that you take along from a performance, where by following instructions you become from a passive onlooker an active participant? What kind of experience you gain from the performance, where your rational mind retreats before other senses? Could we be more than the borders of our body ordain, how do we manage with the borders?

“I have always thought, that if one does not try, one does not know. This is valid when it comes to me as the curator of current edition of SAAL Biennaal, but I believe that it applies to the artists engaged at the festival as well as hope it concerns every possible audience memeber.” Annika Üprus, SAAL Biennaal 2017 curator.

SAAL Biennaal 2017 supporters and partners:
Cultural Ministry of Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Gambling Tax Council of Estonia, Tallinn Department of Culture, Baltoscandal Festival / NXSTP - supported by EU Culture programme, URBAN HEAT - supported by EU Culture programme, Flemish Authorities, Valmiermuiža, Swedish Art Council / The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn University Academic Library, Tallinn Linnahall, MIMStuudio, Estonian Theatre Agency, OMAtsirkus, Vaba Lava, Estonian Art Academy Faculty of Architecture, Saku Läte, Hotel Bern, Hotel St. Barbara, Go Hotel Shnelli, Piletilevi, Trumm and others.

SAAL Biennaal 2017 will take place 15. - 27. August in Tallinn.
Festival curator: Annika Üprus
Additional information and full programme: Tickets for performances in advance at Piletilevi:

NU Performance Festival 2016 will start in Tallinn!

Tomorrow, 29th of October new edition of NU Performance Festival will start in Tallinn. NU Performance Festival 2016: CORPORATE OCCULT_lets talk about the body baby will take place October 29 – November 5 at Kanuti Gildi SAAL and Punane Maja.

Curator: Maria Arusoo Artists: Peaches, Dana Michel, Samira Elagoz, Maria Metsalu, Black Cracker, Maria Minerva, Kolbeinn Hugi, Vanessa Place, Kris Lemsalu, Helena Keskküla, Emer Värk & Renzo van Steenbergen, Huoraton /Last Gang Records, Ivo Dimchev. Screening program: Shana Moulton, Hannah Black, George Jacotey.

NU Performance Festival 2016 brings together international and experimental performers and audiences for a full week of performances, screenings, lectures, parties and installations.

The interests of this festival lie in the body, focusing on gender, sexuality and bodies as both a political tools and catalysts. Performances will handle themes including love, loss, violence, intimacy, as well as issues relating to gender performativity and the mapping of cultural norms onto the body. Some performers will become archeologists of their own personas in public, working with the tensions that could arise in a space of intimate witness.

Maria Arusoo: “I am truly excited that NU Perfromance Festival 2016 will bring togehter amazing group of artists to create the hub for discussion and inspiration, in which ideas can be approached openly and with guts. The aim of NU Performance Festival is to create an intense, occasionally absurd, fun, critical and experimental platform, where important political issues and incredibly personal subjects can be touched upon together.” The body is coming back, baby.

Festival program:

Producer: Uue Performantsi Selts Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL Visual identity: Kris Lemsalu “Aldonza Lorenzo” (2013) Festival’s initiators: Anders Härm, Priit Raud

Supporters and partners: Cultural Endowment of Estonia; Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia; Icelandic Art Center; Moving in November (Helsinki); Frame Finland; Nordic Culture Point; Nordic Hotel Forum; Punane Maja; MÜRK Records; Trumm; Saaldisain; Tallinn Historical Hotels; Raadio2; JCDecaux; BassTunes etc. Special thanks: Sten Ojavee, Antonio Trecel Diaz, Cyndy Villano, Rebeka Põldsam, Kaarin Kivirähk, Vesa Humalisto, Merike Estna, Jenni Nurmenniemi, Jennifer Boyd, Mihkel Maripuu, Raul Saaremets and all the others who have helped throughout the process.

Tickets on presale at Piletilevi:

Kanuti Gildi SAAL is looking for artist-in-residency at Püha Vaimu SAAL for our fall season 2016. We have two one month residency vacancies, which are funded by Estonian Cultural Endowment and its very nature is to offer artist a chance to rather experiment than to work on a completed body of work. The last deadline to apply is May 1 and until then, we are waiting your idea descriptions, preferred periood for residency and CVs to

Supporters and networks