Toomas Savi likes to play with video and sound and to build instruments. His first sound instruments were made around 2010, last two years he has been dedicating to the construction and playing of a modular synthesizer. In addition to concerts, he has created sound designs to performances and exhibitions.

Raul Keller is an artist, who has been active since 2000 in the fields of contemporary and traditional art practices, concentrating on sight-specific sound installation, performance, improvisation, DIY-culture, text, video and radiophonic art. He has given concert-performances together with LokaalRaadio. He is the member of experimental electronic music group Eesti Elekter and the founding member and manager of the MKDK.

Improtest is a concert series that brings improvisational music from local and foreign authors to local audience. The concerts have been taking place since 2005 once a month.

Artists: Toomas Savi, Raul Keller

Curators: Mart Soo, Taavi Kerikmäe

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia