Solo – installation dance performance.

It all began with a game that led to stories, to you, to this solo performance and us, just like a collection of images in a photo album.

And that is what I am going to investigate. Game, story, story, story, story, A and B, story and darkness, you, moments of questioning, on the way, backwards, movement, text and movement, recordings, stories, reality and fiction, where the beginning is, where the continuation is, if the end comes, we stay rolling. It all comes together later. Later comes after the end. End comes after part D and then we will see what has happened before, we don't know and we might never get the answers we need. The best way is to ask, not to answer. To have questions, not answers.

Rūta Ronja Pakalne is in the beginning of her professional career, with experience in many fields: dance, film and production. Many know her as Ronja and that her energy goes in many different levels and layers, it shows in the ways that her interest goes, she is always on the move. She has graduated from a BA programme in dance and choreography at the Latvian Academy of Culture, studied at the dance school P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, and is currently enrolled in an MA programme in dance/theatre at the Latvian Academy of Culture, while being based in Tallinn.