Maike Lond Malmborg' s lecture-performance "10 journeys to a place where nothing happens*" is a result of a highly subjective research on possible outcomes of the recent political trend, suggesting a merging process of the cultural and private sectors financial interests.The project started with outlining a dream scenario in which Lond Malmborg would establish a long lasting relation with a patronage - enter the era of romanticism - and thereby break her current dependence on trends, curators, art institutions, public funds and the politics of Ministry of Culture. Throughout a 18 month period accompanied by Kaja Kann, Maike Lond Malmborg looked at different prospects of fulfilling her dream, ranging from encounters with possible patrons and sponsors to an actual employer/ employee relationship as well as being a member of a discussions panel on Estonian national TV.

The title is taken from Juha Valkeapää's and Taito Hoffrén's performance with the same name, in which they offer the audience a cozy world where the artist can be, do/ do not and think without proposing any relationship to money and finances throughout their piece. As the reality of an artist proves to be filled with financial stress, Maike Lond Malmborg is trying to find her 'cozy world' from financial sector.

Maike Lond Malmborg (1981) has a diploma from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. She is an artist working in the frame of white cube as well as black box. Maike is one of the initiators of an artist collective, her installations and performances have been displayed and shown in theaters, media centers and festivals around Europe.