In 2002, the team developing the Estonian brand suggested that companies wouldn’t label their products with the tag “Made in Estonia” Instead they should go for “Welcome to Estonia”, especially after joining the European Union, and not using national labels on the products any more. From their budget 3.3 million kroons went to market research; 4.7 millions to concept deve- lopment, creative solutions, brand portfolio and production consultations;  4.7 millions to material manufacturing and event organizing; and 0.4 million to administrative expenses.

made in estonia marathon is not afraid of national labeling, and that courage is demonstrated this year for the ninth time. According to free market research the event is so unorthodoxly popular that audience and performers appear behind both windows and doors. All through the evening performance-, video-, sound- and god-knows- what artists bring you their own creative solu- tions and self-branded cognitive short forms. Some say it’s a festival, others festivity or third may suggest a cryptic wandering. Regardless of opinions and labeling, artists present their original pieces for one evening only at SAAL – a stage obsessed with tricolored feeling – first a black box, then white, following au naturel.

Willkommen to made in estonia marathon!

The list of the performers:
Henri Hütt,
Carmel Köster,
Rene Köster,
Janis Rizhovs,
Jaak Sapas,
Mart Kangro,
Evi Pärn,
Nele Suisalu,
Veronika Vallimäe,
Minna Hint,
Lilli-Krõõt Repnau,
Rait Rosin,
Kunstirühmitus Laik,
Epp Kubu,
Andra Ehrenbusch,
Helena Ehrenbusch,
Ulla Väljaste,
Terezie Stindlova,
Jakob Tulve,
Anita Kossareva,
Linda Vainomäe,
Liisi Lasn,
Arvi Piir,
Oskar Tikka,
Meeri Kabur,
Martis Roosimaa,
Kristjan Kesküla,
Jorven Viilik,
Tuuli Velling,
Harilikud Ränd Öömid, etc.