Tristan Boniver is a member of the Brussels- based collective Rotor. He studied architecture in Brussels at the Saint-Luc Institute, the Saint-Lucas School of Architecture, and La Cambre School of Architecture (ISACF). Throughout his studies, he worked as a graphic designer, consultant, and developer, both for private clients and associations and on projects in the underground electronic music scene in Brussels. A member of the Brussels collective Boups since 1999, he then worked with Maarten Gielen to set up Rotor, which he has been a member of since 2005. He qualified as an architect in January 2010, after presenting a dissertation on rounded corners.

At the Open Lecture Series internationally renowned architects, artists, theoreticians, critics and urbanists from all around the globe give talks to offer fresh perspectives on architecture, design, urban development and critical thought. The lectures are open to everyone interested in the future of our living environment.