Something unimaginable is about to happen, something I couldn’t have foreseen even in my wildest dreams. My entire life so far, my thoughts, my actions, my choices and all the things I didn’t choose have brought me here, to this moment... but me — I’m ticking. Only by experiencing tension does the marionette come to life.

Spectrum is a map. A scale in which different extremes, styles and esthetics are combined. A chain of elements which usually don’t go together are side by side. “Skaala surm” (“The death of the scale”) is a chance to free yourself from the scale.

The show is motivated by the 21. century burlesque, atmosphere of travesty and thought-provoking entertainment. In this burlesque and revue setting the theme of the performance rotates around the axis of death-love-illusion.

Riina Maidre is a freelance actress and performing arts artist. The characteristic of all her works is the experimental method and artistic manifesto, according to what every following work by her picks itself up from the steps of the previous.

Nero Urke is a freelance actor and director. He pursues a universal feeling of truth in his works. Characteristic of his performance and the spaces he creates is the search for perfection in every detail.