What makes rhythm a rhythm and dancer a dancer?

When I was becoming a personality, my favorite pick-up line was "What kind of music do you like?". I was hoping to find companionship with it and shine with my wide knowledge about sub-cultures. Melody and rhythm came always first then lyrics and meaning. Then I travelled above culture-spaces trying to find the rhythm that is really mine. I was rather Nordic orientated. And I found myself comparing the moment of now and the situations in the past when I met the same rhythm the first time. The honesty, seriousness and thoughts that I have now in comparison with me back in time and then again time forward and again time back and forward, back-forward, FF>REWFF>FF...What rhythm to follow then? Maybe it is the beat of my heart, maybe footsteps, maybe the repetition of failures, maybe the ambition of going one phrase further with every day.

Henri Hütt is a performing artist whose actions are dominated by the systems of dance art and technology based on studies at the department of Performing Arts at Estonian Academy of Arts. In relation to the connections between different artforms he is interested in vision how to find points to relate technology and human touch. Most of all Henri is dealing with the relation between human and machine, not through programming but through total practice of bluffed method. This is the matter – consequence relation where the motion of the stage-body finds his function far beyond the flirt-level. He formed Distant Artist position before the popular Nothingness trend and he deals with the exotics of "not"-polarities. Since 2010 creates one full-length performance a year and focuses on the questions about art every day. Vanity and ambition force him to move towards his dream and while doing that, he is also creating work for himself.