In March 2014 Estonian theatres decided to make a gift for Estonia 100 jubilee year and create a big performance project that stages a story of a century of the republic and that will culminate with 12 performances from fall 2017 to spring 2018 in collaboration with 24 theatres. Theatres raffled and shared decades and Estonian National Opera and Kanuti Gildi SAAL share the decades 60's and 70's.

Partners decided on staging an opera and the process is already on full speed. Libretto and music was discovered from the scripts of innovative scientist Manfred MIM. During the 60's when Manfred MIM wrote the partiture there was no technical opportunites to carry out such a difficult project. It is possible now. For the time being we can say that life in Estonia has begun with the fall of Kaali meteorite on Saaremaa.

At Kanuti Gildi SAAL will take place the first presentation of the opera “Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock”. There will be a presentation of Manfred's 3D musical scores, video materials and preparations of the project.