In his new performance, the author explores gender-related subjects and the accompanying social patterns.

“I’m standing in front of the mirror, wearing only high heels. My groin does not fit with this image. One of them is redundant. I have to choose between the heels or groin. I hide the latter inbetween my legs, because I do not want to forsake the heels at the moment. Now it is much nicer. All of a sudden I start to worry that perhaps I am a social problem, undermining the foundations of the society. I calm down. Everything is fine as long as I keep myself inside my fence without promoting anything in the public space. Well, I should wear sneakers when going to a cafe. I guess? I don’t know what I would think about life, if I did not have any gender at all. Would I think anything at all or would I just be 70 kilograms of moving flesh.“

Raho Aadla studies the body as subject and experiments with it. The paradox of his worldly being lies in the indecision regarding answering the question, whether he would be ready to give up his physical experience for the sake of knowing everything. Raho Aadla is one of the young artists-residents of Kanuti Gildi SAAL’s 15th season.