„The Lessons of a Young Teacher“ is a memoire by a young teacher. Priit Kruus remembers all too well the teachers that used to teach him – old-school Soviet pedagogues with stern looks and abusive manners. He is driven by an ambition to become a good teacher, whilst not turning into them. We have all had memorably awful teachers in our past. But what should the future teacher look like, one we would like to teach our kids?

„The Lessons...“ is an entertaining and educating way to see things from a teacher's perspective. It is also theatre made up of real life.

Kinoteater is a small cell of theatre terrorism that has previously created stand-up comedy, sketch shows, performances, as well as occasional stabs at actual theatre productions with costumes and all. They were nominated for a prize once at Estonian theatre awards but did not win. Amongst their productionry are such diverse elements as: “Püstijalukomöödia” (2011), “Võidab see, kellel on kõige hullem mees” (2013), “Kaota mu naine ära ehk mis tunne on olla mustkunstnik” (2014), “Tüdrukud ei nuta ehk Katharina lähetamine” (2015), "A Festival Piece ehk meeleheitlik katse pälvida festivalikutse" (2016), "Aadama õunad" (2016).