“There are my reality, your reality and the real reality, where we meet.”“+1” is an audiovisual concert about the rise and fall of a non-existent alter idol. 

Helena Keskküla (born 1992) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, majoring in Installation and Sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts. From 2013 to 2014 Keskküla pursued further study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Keskküla mainly works with video and sound. Her work is about youth and society’s attitude and expectations, to which the artist responds by wittily switching between perspectives. In 2014 Keskküla formed the duo Art and Helena with Art Nõukas, with whom she has put on two exhibitions. In the summer of 2016 the artist held her second solo exhibition, “Pärnu is drowning, I am drowning with her,” which was the inception of her collaboration with the choreographer Kadri Sirel, who is the choreographer for her concert “+1” at NU Performance Festival.