NU Performance Festival 2016:

CORPORATE OCCULT_lets talk about the body baby

29.10 - 5.11.2016

Kanuti Gildi SAAL ja Punane Maja

Curator: Maria Arusoo

Artists: Peaches, Dana Michel, Samira Elagoz, Maria Metsalu, Black Cracker, Maria Minerva, Kolbeinn Hugi, Vanessa Place, Kris Lemsalu, Helena Keskküla, Emer Värk & Renzo van Steenbergen, Huoraton /Last Gang Records, Ivo Dimchev etc.

NU Performance Festival 2016 brings together international and experimental performers and audiences for a full week of performances, screenings, lectures, parties and installations.

The interests of this festival lie in the body, focusing on gender, sexuality and bodies as both a political tools and catalysts. Performances will handle themes including love, loss, violence, intimacy, as well as issues relating to gender performativity and the mapping of cultural norms onto the body. Some performers will become archeologists of their own personas in public, working with the tensions that could arise in a space of intimate witness.

Maria Arusoo: “I am truly excited that NU Perfromance Festival 2016 will bring togehter amazing gropup of artists to create the hub for discussion and inspiration, in which ideas can be approached openly and with guts. The aim of NU Performance Festival is to create an intense, occasionally absurd, fun, critical and experimental platform, where important political issues and incredibly personal subjects can be touched upon together.”

The body is coming back, baby.


Saturday 29.10 19:30

NU Performance Festival meets Moving in November

Dana Michel “Mercurial George” + artist talk

Sunday 30.10 17:00

NU Performance Festival meets Moving in November

Dana Michel “Mercurial George”

Monday 31.10 19:30

Samira Elagoz “Cock, Cock... Who’s There?”

Tuesday 01.11 18:00

18:00 Samira Elagoz film “Craigslist Allstars”

19:30 Maria Metsalu “Fuchsia”

Tuesday 01.11 doors 20:30 Punane Maja

Black Cracker


DJ Maria Minerva

Wednesday 02.11 18:00

Peaches film “Peaches Does Herself”

Kolbeinn Hugi “The Future Must Be Destroyed Yesterday”

Thursday 03.11 19:30

Vanessa Place “If I wanted your opinion, I’d remove the duck tape” + artist talk

Friday 04.11 19:00

Kris Lemsalu “Veenuse sünd”

Helena Keskküla “+1”


Kolbeinn Hugi “The Future Must Be Destroyed Yesterday”

**Friday 04.11 doors 23:00 Punane Maja **

NU Performance Festival meets MÜRK

Emer Värk & Renzo van Steenbergen

Huoratron (Last Gang Records)


Saturday 05.11 19:30

Ivo Dimchev “P Project”

Ivo Dimcev “Pussy Catalogue” esitlus + artist talk

All performances take place in Kanuti Gildi SAAL, concerts in Punane Maja.

Evening tickets 10 EUR:

Evening tickets for the performance nights in Kanuti Gildi SAAL are on presale at Piletilevi and half an hour before at the door.

Tickets to the concert on November 1 in Punane Maja with Peaches, Black Cracker, DJ Maria Minerva are on presale at Piletilevi - 20 EUR till October 26; 25 EUR from October 27 and 30 EUR on November 1 as well as at the door.

“NU Performance Festival meets MÜRK” on November 4 in Punane Maja with Huoratron / Last Gang Records, Emer Värk & Renzo van Steenbergen, MÜRK DJs event tickets 10 EUR on presale at Piletilevi and at the door.

Festival pass: 35 EUR

NU Performance Festival pass includes 7 performance evenings at Kanuti Gildi SAAL and event “NU Performance Festival meets MÜRK” at Punane Maja on November 4. Please choose the date for Dana Michel’s “Mercurial George” (October 29 at 19:30 or October 30 at 17:00)

Concert on November 1 in Punane Maja (Peaches, Black Cracker, Maria Minerva) is not included in the festival pass.