"OVEREXPOSURE" is a decadent act to confirm, fit in, identify, exclude something. Obsessive aspiration to hold on to civilization, heroic surrender to the environment. As it said – a question that is asked holds an answer within it.
This is so relevant in order to be human, or at least it seems that it is relevant. Probably it actually is not. Apparently it is confusion, just like it looks like – a space of event where something starts to happen and that impacts us all.

Hendrik Kaljujärv has been creatively active in several formats - created music to performances, done installations in galleries, directed and participated in works at Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Von Krahl Theatre and Theatre NO99. The main characteristic of his works is intense and deep request of state and thoroughly perfect work with different mediums and devices. In addition to technical accuracy taken into high level he is also capable of sensing the mechanisms of different formats, staying true to his own aesthetical and ideological choices.