Sander (pictured above) came to me with an idea to stage something on pornography. Internet porn and so on. I really liked the idea because it is a topic not often talked about in theatre. And it immediately involves many themes essential to our contemporary world: loneliness, anonymity, clicking, visuality, violence. A drop of sperm in the paper tissue reflecting the whole universe etc.
"Ei Tao" is a monoproduction. This means only one performer is on stage. So there is no dialogue or chemistry between actors, quite boring. Educating though. Even a bit funny.
Sander Rebane mostly plays Peter Pan at Pärnu Endla Theatre. I mostly write for Kinoteater and Tallinn City Theatre. We have a couple of more people. Veiko Tubin works sound. Emil Kallas does the lights. Kristjan Suits applies stage design. Revo Koplus handles technical stuff. Alari Rammo is producing. Really nice guys all.
Paavo Piik