Recently, Joanna has been listening to a lot of contemporary (romantic) pop-music and old nostalgic hits. She is intrigued by the amount of people out in the world listening to the same music. In the depths of their rooms. On their headphones. There is a kind of universality and togetherness to this phenomena. Sameness. She cannot help to escape the slight flutter in her chest: is it even okay for me to like Justin’s last album? It is exciting how artistic expression gives one a permission… an opportunity to say out loud all the most pink and slimy truths, which we do not even dare to admit to ourselves in the darkness of the night. And millions of people listen to these songs, they like them, because they sympathise. Bruno Mars, chill out, no need to catch grenades for everyone and put your head on a blade and jump in front of a train and shoot bullets into your brain. Though, yes, I do understand.
Sometimes I think 'love' and 'heart' must be the most frequently used words in music. It requires quite a bit of courage, this writing of love songs and then declaring your yet another useless, wasted, broken love in front of the whole world. One of my friends told me to focus on my work, for "everything else is just a sideshow". Similarly to "Work at it hard and love shall come." (Perhaps it’s a protective mechanism?) I don’t know why, but for some reason Joanna always chooses the 'him'/'her' first. In a romantic and unromantic way. It is much warmer and better to be together - two, three, four or more of us. Questions of value judgement? She doesn’t apologise when she has said too much. There is no reason to fear an expressionist, whole different matter is if we actually like one. Whole different questions is what is actually needed to be said?

In the showing of “Rafaello - more than a thousand words” the following meet and mix:
Joanna’s wardrobe
many roses

Installation-performance is changing and evolving in its nature. Coming-being-going according to your wish during the whole duration from 15:00 to 18:00.

"no time to catch flights, only feelings"

**Joanna Kalm **is a choreographer and dancer/performer. During the residency she is focusing on expression in the public and secluded spaces.