Kosto I-IX (Revenge I-IX) is a recitative fantasy directed by choreographer Elina Pirinen for dance company TADaC, made up of MA students of dance. It sings forth visions of revenge in linguistically, visually and corporeally subtle and direct ways. The singing on stage is surrounded by nine bodies incorporating rest and festivo. The tableau vivant, in turn illuminated and extinguished, brings forth the beautiful inner tumult of humanity. Welcome to a desert of glowing light and flaming darkness.

TADaC (Theatre Academy Dance Company) is a dance company within the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. In the final year of their MA studies dancers collaborate with established choreographers and perform work created especially for them. TADaC was designed to facilitate the transition from training to professional practice and is fulfilling the mission. TADaC continually introduces a fresh generation of new contemporary dancers. Artistic director of the company is Professor Ari Tenhula. Kosto I-IX is the artistic part of the Master’s thesis for the graduating dancers.