When humankind realises that they are wading knee-deep in waste, they decide to rocket it all out into space. What they do not know, is that their toxic trash crashes into another world, the world of the trunks! These curious creatures playfully interact with their new and unknown ‘treasures’, but gradually, plastic bag by plastic bag, the garbage threatens to consume their world, and the lives of the trunks are changed forever!

Trunk & Egg is an international ensemble of Lecoq-trained theatre makers dedicated to bringing paper lampshades to life! The company was founded in 2014 and consists of two Norwegians, a Scot, and a Franco-American. Using a visual non-verbal style heavily influenced by studies on puppetry, maskwork and object manipulation, their work aims to transcend language. They are committed to creating dynamic physical work which makes theatre fun and accessible for everyone.

The performance is followed by a workshop for children. In this workshop, participants are stimulated physically through non-verbal games and play. The children explore their own creativity and imagination through mime and the use of their bodies. We create a fun environment where every child can let loose creatively and physically on an individual level before continuing with collective creative work.