“Alive is Alive” is a performative work relying on two-voiced and two-bodied hybrid entity activating the sensibility to inner and outer spaces of embodied experience.
It is defining performance space as a sensorial architecture where the movement/sound is a trigger of the affective process in the persons sharing the space. Its focus is on creating a multi-layered perception of the presence of bodies in that space. The abstract concreteness of voice and movement brings out constantly shifting in-betweens on the landscape of self, other, being together, and being alone.

Nele Suisalu (EE/FR) is a dance and vocal artist, whose main interest is in creating performative work as spaces of intuitive knowledge. Currently developing her practice of SoundBody based on continuity of voice and movement in the framework of highly sensitive presence.
She has acquired BA degree in choreography at Tallinn University and participated in contemporary choreography program ex.e.r.ce 07 (CCN de Montpellier, France). Since 2008 she has been working as a performer with various contemporary dance companies in France. 2016 she participated in Tino Sehgal’s carte blanche at Palais de Tokyo (Paris).

Maarja Tõnisson (EE) is a freelance dance artist, whose main focus is the transformative power of body-mind movement. She collaborates with artists within different fields.
She has a Diploma of University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy (dance arts, choreography and dance pedagogy, 2013) and studied in University of Arts Berlin (contemporary dance, context, choreography, 2011). She has created and presented three solo works: bodySHIFTbody(2015) at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, bodyBUILDINGbody(2015) in Museum of Estonian Architecture, bodyIMAGEbody(2016) at Contemporary Art Center Vilnius and participated in various performance projects.

2015 they initiated AffectSpace - a multistage process which disrupts itself by specific artworks realized in different contexts (ResidenceSEA 2016, skulptuurikilomeeter kmX 2016, SAAL Biennaal 2017). Our aim is to include various co-thinkers and co-agents into this research and reflection space.