it is based on 365 of 10 degree something-s.
so far 100 of those emerged.
one 10 degree something is a minimalistic microcosm translated into words, put into ten numbered lines. the essence of each microcosm created is based on synchronised thinking and written down only when sharing time and space physically. the words appear through listening and talking to each other about something.

at the festival the process of creating 10 degree something will be shared in an open space. visitors are invited to explore the texts on the table - what has been written, what are the similarities, what is the structure, what makes the whole. at the same time filling the room with their presence, investigating why and how the abstract becomes personally readable, when does the document become a poem instead.
you are invited to take a sit and stay around.

AIR WITH CONTENT previously:
Bunkier Sztuki Gallery (Kraków, Poland), TOKONOMA Exhibition Space (Kassel, Germany), Grüntaler9 (Berlin, Germany)

the collaboration between kadri noormets and asia baś started in 2013 in berlin where they worked on their first project “touching (a true story of two climbers and their perilous journey over and under the seats)”, followed by the showing in vilnius, lithuania. since then they’ve been in active dialogue, meeting each other in various places in europe. currently they are busy with a long term project called “air with content”. in 2018 they are presenting its first manifestation, title yet unknown. their collaboration is a tree.

asia baś is a polish performer, storyteller and traveller to unknown places. she is an active member of the people speak - london based arts and media collective, and performs in projects where her subtle subjectivity and strong presence are needed. she performed in works by zorka wollny, selene states, tino sehgal, romeo castellucci, ivana muller, kadrinoormets and many more. currently trains eurythmy and observes nature in cape town, south africa.

kadri noormets is an estonian performing artist and text creator working on theatre. often radical in her views. even if releasing a book or making an appearance in gallery, it is to elaborate her statement about theatre - an organised space of concentration, as well as art, music or literature potentially, essentially is.

gabriel da luz is a researcher of arts, movement and performativity, inhabitant of the city of belo horizonte, brasil. his creations are accompanied by investigations on dance, music, songwriting, reading and writing, narration, textuality; and studies on history, anthropology, philosophy, urbanities, literature. recently he was involved in researches with c.e.m. (centro em movimento) in lisboa, portugal - the same place where a close relation with kadri noormets started.
(since 2017, he is a third member of the project)