NB! "Gardens Speak" is an interactive sound installation for up to ten participants at a time that takes place at MIMstudio ((Kaari pst 9):
19+20+21+23.08 between 16:00-20:00, entrance for 10 persons every 60 min (last admittance at 20:00).

You can choose a suitable time when buying from Piletilevi.

“even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if he wins.” –Walter Benjamin

Across Syria, many gardens conceal the dead bodies of activists and protesters who adorned the streets during the early periods of the uprising. These domestic burials play out a continuing collaboration between the living and the dead. The dead protect the living by not exposing them to further danger at the hands of the regime. The living protect the dead by conserving their identities, telling their stories, and not allowing their deaths to become instruments to the regime.
Gardens Speak is an interactive sound installation containing the oral histories of ten ordinary people who were buried in Syrian gardens. Each narrative has been carefully constructed with the friends and family members of the deceased to retell their stories as they themselves may have recounted it. They are compiled with found audio that evidences their final moments.

Tania El Khoury is a live artist working in London and Beirut. She creates interactive installations and performances in which the audience is an active collaborator. Tania’s work has been shown in five continents in spaces ranging from museums to cable cars. She is the recipient of the Total Theatre Innovation Award and the Arches Brick Award. Tania is co-founder of Dictaphone Group, an urban research and site-specific performance collective in Beirut.