There is a rumor that POST-DANCE book launch is an excuse for a Dance Graduation incident. But i must say that is not entirely true! It is both, at the same time, as is post- before and after, simultaneously.

POST-DANCE was a conference initiated by André Lepecki, Danjel Andersson and Gabriel Smeets. The conference was held in MDT, in October 2015. It derived from the desire to talk and think about current and ongoing tendencies in the fields of dance and choreography and their traditions. POST-DANCE was not an existing term or a borrowed concept; it is rather a container. The aim was to keep this non-concept open source and make a reversed conference. Instead of saying what POST-DANCE is, a wide range of thinkers, makers, writers, curators and others from the fields of dance and choreography were invited to fill the container, keeping it open and urgent. POST-DANCE book is a collection of texts created by artists, academics, thinkers, producers and activists who care deeply about dance. Here they came together, not knowing for what more than the necessity to exactly come together and make tangible.