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Theatre is not a cloister, a stronghold of eremitism. theatre | wakefulness asks whether we are ready for the reality that has become normality and focuses on the preparedness of performing arts in a world that is becoming more and more troubled. Also, it examines what are the possible changes in performing arts the society has to be ready for. Given topics will be dissected and discussed by experts from Estonia and abroad, including Lebanese artist Rima Najdi, dramaturge of Nowy Teatr Piotr Gruszczyński from Poland and Latvian director and dramaturge duo Valters Sīlis and Jānis Balodis. The event has a synchronized translation into English.

theatre | wakefulness is Estonian Theatre Agency's event series of shared thoughts organised twice a year. The main aim of the seminars is to bind theatre and society, as well to encourage people afield the theatre world to help us think outside of the box.