“I was always more interested in changing the mindset- then someone else can change the cities.” - Jan Gehl.

CHANGING MINDSETS, exhibition of the lifes work of the danish architect and urbanist Jan Gehl.
Exhibition focuses on Jan Gehl’s seminal work as theorist, researcher and writer of human behaviour in an urban context. Gehl’s approach is explicitly humanist and pro-urban, always emphasizing that cities must be designed for people rather than purely for logistic purposes, architectural bravura, or blind, simplistic economics. Good architecture is not just about form but about the interaction between form and life. The exhibition will function as a Gehl library. Everyone is invited to come and study Gehl’s work through his books, one of which is translated in Estonian, and also watch movies and interviews. Since the architect will also take his time to walk around the city of Tallinn, there will be material of his reactions and reflections as well! Opening on the 10/10 with the architect present.