“Caprices: Pre-amp” is a staged exhibition, that creates our favoured aspects
of the theatre atmosphere to the gallery room. Functional in theatre, such as
light-park or audience seats, are treated as sculptural. All the stage-technical
arsenal and the components of the play are brought forward, excessive
intimacy is left behind. Nevertheless we couldn’t give up on theatre bar…
Caprices is an ongoing project that brings together practices of contemporary
Performance and exhibition culture. The third chapter of the saga focuses on longing,
dimness, silence and affiliation.

Henri Hütt is an artist / performer who mostly dance. He formed Distant Artist
position before the popular Nothingness trend and deals with everything that
stays somewhere in between. Since the beginning of this decade he has
created many technological performative acts, staged exhibitions, sound
performances and other "not there yet" formats. Henri Hütt is also part of
MIMproject team and coordinates dance-art media-art network called DAMA
in Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Mihkel Ilus is a visual artist, whose main focus is on painting and its extended
field. It means Ilus often works with large scale installations where painterly
approach plays the central role. In the practice of Ilus contemporary exhibition
culture and performing practices are crucially intertwining. Recently Ilus has
been concentrating on the distinction of objecthood as such in conditions of
white cube and black box situations.