Marcela Echeverri is a Colombian musician doing a Master's in Anthropology in Tallinn University, presenting her final research project in the form of an installation open to the public. The work that will be presented in Kanuti Gildi SAAL Cellar Hall is an interactive sound installation as a result of her fieldwork: recording sounds at Tallinn Technical University Centre for Biorobotics. It is an attempt to render vibration and sound as intermingling events that pass from surface to surface, constantly producing new events of sound. The installation will allow the visitors to experience sounds by the exploration of different surfaces and types of speakers. This work is inspired by the desire to represent sound as a phenomenon of experience that happens in time, space and the body; to dissolve the lines between producer and receiver of sound, and to claim its immersive qualities by using underwater sounds as an example.
Marcela is a bass player who has been based in Tallinn for the past two years and a half. She participated in the Kopli Lines Festival 2016 with "Sounds of Home" installation. She is currently a band member of Jam Toast, interested in experimenting with sound through improvisation.