Could we smell our emotions?
The first reaction that occurs in us while smelling is dividing the scents into pleasant and unpleasant. But there’s much more substance in the scent than just being good or bad. Odors amplify life with colors, richness and pleasures in the cognitive scale. They can produce events, that we have long forgotten. They activate the parts of the brain that unprovided with the scent won’t activate.
Sense of smell is the most primitive senses, but still it’s full understanding is left a mystery. The potential of the sensious existance is put into practise through our bodily being. In many ways the physical sensory experiences are subconscious, primal and powerful in their poetic inevitability. Likewise perfumes, we can read the physique in the associative level and this experience is personal.
In the perfumed evening the danceful states become to life: bodies move and give forward the colors and time-space conditions, that molecules of scent call up through our sensory. The night of the odors narrates us through dance, music and known scent-afficionado Baudelaire poetics and tells us the story how the scents’ invisible matter affects and prolongs our emotions.
It’s going to be sensious night.