Technological advances, new materials and computational design are changing the way we design and manufacture products, consume and interact. Fabtextiles and materials lab at Fab Lab Barcelona are developing and implementing a new approach on to how create, produce and distribute fashion elements, by using distributed manufacturing infrastructures and knowledge networks. They are experimenting with scanning the human body, creating interactive wearable garments, working with biomaterials and circular processes, using 3D printing and parametric 3D modeling. Inside this context the practices prescribe the role and profile of future designers. What are the new skills, materials and processes for the future generations?
Anastasia Pistofidou is a Greek architect specialized in digital fabrication technologies, design and education. She has a Master degree from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia 2010-2011 in Digital tectonics and a Bachelor Degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, department of Architecture in 2008. She currently works as the director of the fabtextiles research lab and the fabricademy, a new textile and technology academy. She combines the analog and the digital towards applied research focused on new materials, art and textiles.

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