I couldn’t really sleep anymore. For weeks on end. A million thoughts were running through my mind, constant worry: job, money, relationships. Damn personal fulfilment. Doesn’t anyone in the modern Western world think of anything, but their own imperfection?

Sven Johne (b. 1976 Bergen, Rügen Island (Germany)) studied Photography at the HGB Leipzig. He lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by KLEMM´S in Berlin and Galerie Christian Nagel in Berlin/Antwerp.

Freiraum is an initiative of Goethe Institute and Kanuti Gildi SAAL will organise a series of events related to the topic of freedom in Tallinn. Freiraum as sphere of freedom or free zone unites 53 partners from culture, science and civil society all over Europe who in more than 40 cities of Europe will be grappling with the concept of freedom in our contemporary world. Paired European cities are developing projects to be presented to the public in a series of events in 2018 and 2019. Kanuti Gildi SAAL dialogue partner is Kunsthaus Dresden and they formulated question - against the backdrop of the increasing use of the city and public space as a setting for right-wing populist initiatives since late 2014, what can art, as a language of freedom, do in times of widespread resentment? Kanuti Gildi SAAL posed a question: are we wrong to be happy? Focusing on the nexus between freedom and responsibility as well as on positive aspects of free private and public life.