Kadri Noormets' “LANDED PROMISE” takes place at Kanuti Gildi SAAL on Oct 22nd, 23rd and 24th at: 13:00 + 15:00 + 17:00 + 19:00 + 21:00 + 23:00

You can choose a suitable time when buying from Piletilevi.

landed promise comes after the promised land¹. audience may know it but not necessarily.
the form and material of landed promise is reused promised land.
landed promise needs witnesses, personal agenda and courage, taken desicions and a small number.
landed promise tells us a story about a modest group of people who met up in front of the house, rather unexpectedly. coincidences don’t exit. during one hour this group of people will take the action together. moving or stopping, thinking or thinking twice, listening or deciding.
landed promise is a contemporary theatre performance which content will be defined by its form and title.
landed promise allows the person in. having chosen sigrid, oliver, ivo, henry, annika and kadri, later also johannes and karel, as the first ones to enter.

¹promised land is a performance belonging to the theatre series of estonian republic 100. this piece was an abstraction of historic detail from estonian republic during 1920-1930. promised land got premiered on september 20, 2017 on the independent dance stage (STL) in tallinn.*

kadrinoormets is an estonian performing artist and text creator working on body and theatre. organises a festival notafe, functions as a shadow- and copywriter. often radical in her views. even if releasing a book or making an appearance in gallery, it is to elaborate her statement about theatre - an organised space of concentration, as well as art, music or literature (etc) potentially, essentially is.

more relevant works: lectures on space (2018) promised land (STL 2017), abandoned architectural events (Tartmus 2017), air with content 10 degree something (Saal Biennaal 2017), formlessly yours (SAAL 2015), procedure of beauty (STL 2014), darks in blues (SAAL 2014), intourism (Rakvere Teater 2014), an hour of (STL 2013).
released books: air with content 10 degree something (Lugemik 2017), intourism (Lugemik, 2014), go neo und romantix (Lugemik, 2013).

Ivo Reinok was born in Viljandi. In 2011, he graduated as an actor from the Viljandi Culture Academy. Between 2011 and 2014, he worked at the Von Krahl Theatre. Since 2014, Ivo has been a freelance actor and everything else.

Sigrid Viir is an artist living and working in Tallinn. She graduated from the Department of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts and is a member of the artistic group Visible Solutions OÜ. In her solo projects, she mostly uses the medium of photography and focuses on exploring everyday ‘tools’ that are often invisible due to their proximity and mundane nature. She is actively exhibiting in Estonia and abroad.

Oliver Kulpsoo graduated from the Viljandi Culture Academy in 2003 as a lighting designer. Between 2004 and 2017, he worked as a lighting designer in three performance institutions (NUKU, Von Krahl Theatre, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava). He mostly created the lighting design for productions of various genres (children’s plays, drama, dance), but also for some live musical performances and a couple of opera productions. For the past two years, he have been working as a freelance lighting designer and have mostly focused on light installations, as well as creating other light-related works.

Andres Lõo is an Estonian artist and composer. He has been organizing visual-, music centered and sound art platforms such as Metabor, 1+1=1, Vitamiin Loft Records and the festival Stalker in Tallinn. He has released over ten albums of music as himself and under several aliases and group names. Next to writing music for theatre and film, he is currently focusing on his latest initiative Phantom Platform that preaches colliding arts and science.