New titles by several publishers are presented with the performative side up. The protagonists of these events are books and the possibilities of presenting them.


The Bible Hounds Songbook

Knock! Knock! Books

The Bible Hounds Songbook brings together the drafts for three unpublished songs which were composed for the soundtrack of the children’s programme Bible Hounds. It is a fictitious B-list animated series that could have been conceived in the United States of the late 1980s and become the staple in the Sunday morning entertainment of Christian families across America. In the post-Soviet Baltic States, where Christianity was being rediscovered, Bible Hounds would have gained considerably more ground than in the country of its birth. The single season of the series was enlivened by musical numbers, which were often surprisingly bold and suggestive for a conservative children’s programme.

In Songbook, the fun and absurd world of Bible Hounds is explored by notes, illustrations and descriptions of episodes that never saw the light of day.

Knock! Knock! Books is an independent publisher based in Tallinn and Helsinki that publishes fictitious books. In the last two years, Knock! Knock! Books has taken part in book fairs in New York, Berlin and Helsinki and published works with publishers like Lugemik and Colorama.

24 pp

220 × 300 mm
Edition: 400
Offset printing
Staple bound

In English

Written and designed by Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja

Illustrations by Linda Gajewski, Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja
Music by Bill Tolley, Mikko Lagerspetz, Else Lagerspetz & Loore Sundja
Set in Bagnard and Kavivanar
Printed by Aktaprint

Published by Knock! Knock! Books in collaboration with Lugemik

ISBN 978-9949-7234-3-0



In a new anthology, edited by Mårten Spångberg, movement research is reexamined to open discussions about the body, movement and embodied knowledge in our contemporary societies. The book consists of contributions from a wide variety of perspectives written by dancers and choreographers, activists and philosophers that all take movement research as their starting point.

What is movement research today? What has happened to body practices when corporate interests run yoga studios across the world? What are the body’s relations to itself and the world when social media to a large extent is its playground? What is research into the body when identity has become a commodity? What is self-care when neoliberal governance has a craving for resilient subjects? Can the body function as a site for alternative strategies and resistance? This book is evidence that it can!

Editor: Mårten Spångberg

Contributions by: Tamara Antonijevic, Eleanor Bauer, Franco Berardi, Alice Chauchat, Yves Citton, Bojana Cvejic, Vanessa Desclaux, Mette Edvardsen, Tristan Garcia, Austin Gross, Graham Harman, Nikima Jagudajev, Anne Juren, Ana Juvanowich, Henrike Kohpeiß, Jennifer Lacey, Sri Louise, Mårten Spångberg, Ellen Söderhult

Supporting editors: Moriah Evans, Lauren Bakst

Supported by: The Swedish Art Council, Black Box theatre Oslo

Special thanks: Rootsi Suursaatkond Tallinnas / Embassy of Sweden in Tallinn


;paranoia publishing group ltd is a major international publishing company

The aim of ;paranoia is to change meanings and give people the reality that they do not have

The semantic shift in the name „paranoia“ is characteristic to our agenda – it derives from ancient Finno-Ugric words para and noid, meaning supreme and request

We pose the basic questions about the established hierarchies of meaning within semiosphere

We provide our clients with carefully selected textual operations:

  • the most psychotic transborder dataflows
  • irreversibly immanence-crossing deterritorialisations
  • breakbeat of meta-meanings and hallucinating psychogeographies

– these are statistically the most abnormal texts in the modern literary market


Women of the World


The fourth collaboration between Marge Monko and Lugemik is based on Monko’s video WoW (Women of the World), first exhibited at her solo exhibition Stones Against Diamonds, Diamonds Against Stones, curated by Evelien Bracke, Tallinn City Gallery, January 12 – February 11, 2018.

Marge Monko explores the phenomenon of desire, the codes and strategies used in advertising, and the representation of women through publicity images. The point of departure for the video was the slogan Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand used in De Beers' advertising campaign in 2003. With this message the company, which until this day controls the majority of mining and distributing rough diamonds, was targeting the women who can afford their own diamond ring.

The video consists of footage filmed in Hong Kong and Antwerp, 3D animations, print ads, and other found material. The voice over text is focusing on De Beers' marketing strategies through decades, the emergence of the famous slogan A Diamond is Forever, and the creation of a myth of diamonds as symbols of love and commitment.

80 pp

140 × 245 mm

Edition: 400

Offset printing


In English

Text by Marge Monko

Graphic design by Indrek Sirkel

Set in Set in Gothic by Dinamo (Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb), and EB Garamond

Printed by Tallinn Book Printers

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Published by Lugemik

ISBN 978-9949-7234-2-3