I don’t want to know what this thing is all about. A little trip that I do with the audience. Together we can perhaps figure out what’s between the lines and move on in small dances, a bunch of object that animate themselves in companionship with me. It’s a little like talking about a book that we all read but really long ago and remember different things and now they are played again, in front of us but more inside and there is also a quite slow film. A film - like the piece - that’s there more like the television left on without sound. I like television sets that sit there without nobody looking. I image that that’s the time when the TV really enjoys itself, appreciating the images and sequences for what they are not what they show.

I have a friend whose name is Juan Dominquez. It’s a name with really nice flow and in the end we eat ice-cream together without speaking too much. That’s so sweet, to enjoy something really good and in silence. If you wait for a while, it is possible to just show up.

Seven years ago a journey started. An adventure taken up to study the secret life of objects. Does the texture of time transform through living in close proximity with objects; not as tools or souvenirs, not as pets or substitutes for loved ones, but as objects, just objects? There’s more to it than that performativity, it’s just grown a little shy, lately.
Objects withdraw.

As one grows older ones future decreased, second by second. At some point the past catches up with ones future. To live with the experience that one’s future lies behind is to cope with loneliness.

Digital Technology is a meditation in the company of objects, a feed of impressions that comes to an end and there we are and it’s nothing special, ok?

Mårten Spångberg is a choreographer living and working in Berlin and Stockholm. His interest concerns dance in an expanded field, something he has approached through experimental practice in a multiplicity of formats and expressions. He has been active on stage as a performer and creator since 1994. Under the label International Festival, Spångberg collaborated with architect Tor Lindstrand and engaged in social and expanded choreography. From 1996-2005 he organised and curated festivals in Sweden and internationally, and initiated the network organisation INPEX. He has considerable experience in teaching both theory and practice. In 2011, his first book, Spangbergianism, was published. Mårten Spångberg is professor in dramaturgy and choreography at Oslo National Academy of The Arts, departments of dance and theatre. His more recent works La Substance, but in English, The Internet, Natten and Gerhard Richter, une pièce pour le théâtre has gained extensive international recognition.