Performative fashion installation (3rd)

The series of performative fashion shows presents and analyses various aspects of fashion as an all-encompassing phenomenon. The starting point of the series of exhibitions continues to the design of the immaterial aspect of fashion, the atmosphere filling the room, using the material tools of fashion: clothes and materials. Materiality is aesthetic and external, and form and texture are subjugated to the constant desire for change. The immaterial nature of fashion manifests itself outside objects. The staged situation is a study on the effect that the selected objects have on their surrounding atmosphere.

Laivi gained her BA at the Department of Fashion at the Estonian Academy of Arts and her MA in fashion design at the Aalto University in Helsinki. She has supplemented her studies in London, Copenhagen and Barcelona. She has participated in several group exhibitions of contemporary art and has held four solo exhibitions in the last two years (including Poor Girl/Too Cool at the Tartu Art Museum and Killer Image: Shifting Modes of Desire with Mihkel Maripuu at the Hobusepea Gallery). She continues the series of performative fashion installations, with two first installations, Long Live Trashed Bodies (16.03.18) and When I Was a Girl & Life Was Yet Ahead (20.10.17) were held at the ARS Art Factory in Tallinn.

Her work explores clothing and methods of covering the body in a wider context, on the visual-aesthetic, functional and expressive level. She has previously studied and analysed dressing and undressing in the private, somewhat unacknowledged “fashionless” environment of home, as well as in the opposite context, where individual private space is limited and distressing. Her work is characterised by a material-based and experimental approach to textiles and clothes. She has taken a consistent interest in how the passing of time is preserved in clothes, and in combining materials that are temporary and permanent in nature to create results with questionable duration and value.

Laivi’s performative fashion installations is followed by a concert of BLYPKEN, a sound artist of the festival Üle Heli.