A unique meeting between video artists from the both countries will take place. Katrīna Neiburga, Austra Hauks & Jānis Sniķers, and Emer Värk will be showing their more or less award-winning works in the form of audio and video during this evening event.

Austra Hauks is an artist from Latvia. She studied at the Professional Art High School (JRRMV) with the specialty in a black and white photography, as well as graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in the field of Scenography. She started her activities in the field of theater and video in 2013. Although Austra considers scenography and video art as her main direction, she likes to experiment - time to time she creates costume designs and works in interdisciplinary projects. In 2016, she was nominated for the Latvian Theater Art Award in the category – New artist of the year. And this year (2018) she is nominated in a category - Video artist of the Year.

Jānis Sniķers is an artist from Latvia. He has gained knowledge in a wide spectrum of fields - he has a degree in Electronics sciences, degree in stage directing and he is currently studying Scenography at the Latvian Academy of Arts. However, as the main field, he pursues the Lighting design, which is his core work area now... which has not been any obstacle to pursue Video programming field as well. Since 2011 Janis Snikers is actively working in the theater genre. In 2016 he has been nominated for the Latvian Theater Art Award as Lighting designer of the Year and this year (2018) he is nominated in the same category.

Combining documental materials with fiction, Katrīna Neiburga (Riga) creates stories based on personal experience, in which, alongside such unique categories as solitude or love, it is possible to find indications both to the woman’s social role structures and cultural historical references or critical commentaries on modern society. The artist wonderfully expresses herself through video which, supplemented by specifically elaborated sound material, results in an amazing and sensitive intonation of narration. She is interested in the lives of people, such as the peculiar community of tea mushroom growers, block housing inhabitants, girls met at nightclub bathrooms, women that work as taxi drivers. Katrīna has exhibited her works in Sidney and Moscow biennale, has been a candidate for Ars Fennica art prize (2008) and is the Purvīša Art Prize winner (2008). She regularly collaborates with the sound artist Andžonis and with the Latvian National Opera as scenographer and video artist.


Emer Värk is an Estonian artist primary focused on projections and light in the space and its influences on our perception, mood and emotions.