Kinoteater's research on magicians
Kinoteater opens the kitchen of magicians life with Meelis Kubo and Charlekas, mixing documentalism and magic while answering the main question through life - what's in that sleeve actually. Charlekas and Meelis Kubo are magicians - yes, it really is an occupation which you can run full-time. It gets clear that one magician gives more performances in a year than an actor and a dancer together. But addition to an occupation it's also a lifestyle - they practice tricks while going out in the evenings and at home they take care of animals who are like family members to them.
Kinoteater is a group of friends who gives performances outside of theatre institution. They started in 2011 with "Püstijalukomöödia" where Kalmet brothers, Jörgen Liik and Kaspar Velberg entertained audience with an Estonian stand-up. Last year in Kanuti Gildi SAAL they presented a political-theatrical series "Manifest" where Andres Maimik, Kristjan Port, Meelis Oidsalu, Tarmo Tarmo Tiisler, Kaja Kallas ja Mihkel Kunnus. Last season they also showed confession-like variety "Võidab see, kellel on kõige hullem mees" by Piret Krumm and Katariina Tamm.