"AV Maria" is a story about family (family as the smallest model of society) that is stuck in these so-called classical tales e.g. Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, Faust, Achilles etc. And although there is nothing new under the sun--this family has still struggled to find their warm place underneath it.
Should one isolate oneself or open up to the world? The world being other people and other people being-as we well know--hell.
Then were to Mephistopheles arrive and offer them choice, is it not conceivable, that this moment of indecisiveness is the time in which we want to linger in forever?

Karl Koppelmaa is a playwright and director and a graduate of EMTA's drama school, who has already been noticed nationally and internationally.

Teater KELM was founded by great people of Culture Club KELM and the alumni of the 27th theatre class of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. But why? In a very selfish reason - to create a place of total creative freedom, a place to to deal with human values or the lack of them; a place where to be honest (also while lying). It is also a place that is opened to collabarations with other theaters to futher the culture in Estonia and why not around the world. But that is for the future to tell.