“feelings” will be a dance performance about and with feeling(s) and before it we propose “pre-feelings” at Kanuti Gildi SAAL. “feelings” wants to be a setting and a dance where feelings are opaque and plastic, where forms of feelings and feelings of forms overlap, and where it is unclear if what you feel is coming from you or to you.

One morning you look at a cloud and see a figure. You realize that this figure is in you, so you figure you better make friends. The following day you see more figures, figures everywhere! You make friends with all of them, and they become your invisible posse. They guide you, and it doesn’t take long before you are totally relying on them. You can’t live without them anymore. Some days though, they are mean to you, they manipulate, mislead or even ghost you. On those days you suspect them to be double agents. And you start to doubt whether they are your invisible friends, or the invisible friends of somebody else.

“feelings” is one part of “analysis”: a long term research project into the politics of feeling(s). analysis is rooted in dance and unfolds in various formats, contexts and collaborations. analysis asks questions about the relations between subjects and feelings. Be it the feelings “of” subjects themselves or “of” others. analysis starts from the suppositions that feelings are opaque rather than transparent, mediated rather than immediate, and that feelings are something you do rather than something you have. From there it feels its way forward, trying to contour how such propositions could inform relations between people, in dance and beyond.

“Analysis” was initiated by: Adriano Wilfert Jensen in 2017 and so far Karima El Amrani, Stefan Govaart, Sandra Lolax, Alexandra Tveit, Marie Ursin, Anne Juren, Simon Asencio, Chloe Chignell, Dina El Kaisy and Dean Blunt have been part of its development.