More and more often i rejoice secretly when the hyper-development of the technology jams with elegance at any point, when some system fails totally. I myself have taken machines apart since childhood. Though then it arose from the interest to see what is inside. Now I do it just to see how it runs out of e energy, smashes itself into pieces, freaks out or falls into pieces as a result of my slow and systematic impulses. There is something manic about it. Until the machine lacks the soul it is not criminal or does not need clinic intervention. More likely it is bizarre or for the more sensitive ones a little cruel. But as soon as AI becomes aware of itself then this confession of mine is enough to open a file related to my case in virtual world. And I will become a dissident.

Erik Alalooga is a sculptor, experimental musician and performing-artist who is mainly known for analogue-technological solutions in his artworks. Since 2005 he has focused on exploration and application of immediate relationships between human and machine.

"I love machines and machines love me" is Erik Alaloogas showing after a month-long residency in Kanuti Gildi SAAL.