So, what´s going on? The Rabbit and The Bear look how The Wolf has set up the drum set. They join him to help. And make slapstick jokes while doing so. Everyone seems to be embarrassed.
Try to imagine this: Ahto falls out of the wedding cake and the tambourine starts to rattle; Rivo joins him with hand puppets and I adjust my hairstyle. This Third Man still does not understand a thing of what is going on and looks worried. I send him my energy in support. But it´s Ahto who gets hit with it and starts “bossa nova-ing”.

Why are we doing this? Because domestic violence has never produced a proper income? And everyone is little bit embarrassed?

Mr. Saw was asked once - why do you saw? Mr. Saw replied: because the wood is there.

Improtest is concert series that brings improvisational music from local and foreign authors to local audience. The concerts have been taking place since 2005 once a month.