FOMO — fear of missing out. It is one of the forms of social anxiety that is expressed in the constant concern that one is missing out on something important.

Lack of human contact. You see everything. Eyes are closed. Deceptive. Assumption.

What FOMO does and creates in the human body and mind; how and where it expresses? The performance is a study, one of the aims of which is to look at the difference between two performances after 24 hours, which are affected by insomnia, information and additional tasks.

“Rather together in social media-world; than alone in real-world.”

Kaisa Kattai is a young choreographer and dancer. She has previously studied modern dance in Denmark, creative industry at EBS and is currently graduating choreography studies at Tallinn University. Kaisa is a (guest)teacher at several Estonian dance studios and also participating in workshops in and outside of Estonia. She has been part of the HTF team since 2018. At the end of the same summer, she took home the first place in BATTLEJÄMM 2018 experimental performance category. In addition, she has published several thoughts on dance in Estonian dance landscape; curated the first Greenfield of the STL season and is constantly working on various projects.

“fomo” is her BA graduation piece from Tallinn University. It is a part of KorFest 2019. For the best understanding of the piece it is recommended to see both performances.