The melting point of solder connecting electronic components is 183,3 °C.

Sound travels at 1,480 m/s in water which is 4.3 times as fast as in air.

Sample rate: 48 000 Hz

Bits per sample: 24

Light source brightness: 2,500 lumens. 3 miniature LCD screens with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Dolphins hearing range is from 20 Hz to 150 kHz.

35 watt light source.

Residency fueled by 500 mg caffeine per day.

Nerd Studio is an art collective created by Jari Matsi and Judith Parts in 2017. The aim of the collective is to use technology in a playful way creating new experiences. Nerd Studio has exhibited its works in different festivals (Estonia – Arvamusfestival 2017, Pomezia Light Festival 2018, Licht Festival Luzern 2019).

Jari Matsi is a light and multimedia artist who has been involved in different theater productions as a lighting designer and a technician. He has also created multimedia installations and participated in exhibitions.
Judith Parts is a musician, sound designer and a sound engineer who has created music and sound design for different theater, dance and video productions.

Residency is supported by Cultural Ministry of Estonia.