Light and shadow set off to create a world of light and dark in the big universe. These two elements could not be more different, but together they create beautiful images. As quickly as their images appear, however, they disappear again and are transformed into ever-changing creations of fantasy. In the interplay of light and darkness, sounds and silence, stillness and movement, a dream theatre full of magic and beauty is created.

The T-Werk production “I Am the Little Light” (Das kleine Licht bin ich) is the first joint production between dancer Laura Heinecke and musician Nicolas Schulze. A fairy-tale world that challenges the creative imagination of children and shows how new imagery can be created with the simplest of means by combining dance, music and live projections.

An astonishing world unfurls like a children’s playing carpet, made up of light and shadow and multi-coloured fantasy. The 40 minutes pass very quickly. The play’s spell succeeds, enchanting not only children but adults too – with such a simple and unique dream that the stars are brought to earth for a moment. –

T-Werk is a theatre association with its own theatre venue on the site of the Schiffbauergasse cultural centre in Potsdam. Music theatre, acting, mask and figure theatre belong to its programme together with concerts, readings and workshops. T-Werk’s repertoire is conceived so that it spans generations.
Besides performances of its own productions, T-Werk offers other independent theatre groups the possibility to rehearse and present their work. Regular reciprocal guest productions on both a national and international level provide artistic stimulus and support the exchange between countries and states. Some outstanding components of T-Werk’s programme are its annual festivals and events.