The great figure of Latvian literature and first real realist, Rudolfs Blaumanis (1863-1903), wrote a short story about hundred and twenty years ago named “In the shadow of death” where in the middle of winter fishing a piece of ice breaks and a group of people get stuck in the sea. This is the starting point where we began to think what comes next. We also used the creation of several other writers.

We thought about the timing and relativity of physical and mental imprisonment. And of course about the sea, the harsh and the beautiful that sometimes takes and sometimes gives.

Elar Vahter - H. Sergo has wrote “...waves flowing from the ship's shade whispered unrelated word tricks like a girl who was first embroiled by a man.” - exact, yet unbound.

Elar Vahter is graduating acting/directing student of University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy theatre programme. Also finished Estonian Marine Academy as a navigation officer and a mate.

"100 M More" is the BA graduation piece in directing.