We live in an era that appreciates individuality. Possibly also in an era of solitary isolated actions. How else do we see cooperation as a value in itself. But how to enter into someone's personal world? Is there anything interesting in observing the someone's bodily and/or spiritual ramblings. In our daily lives, do we care if someone's isolation is a choice or inevitability? Does being alone even need "another"? If not, who ise the observer of a solo? Just a plain voyeur?

Performers' thoughts about the essence of solo:
A piece made by one or many personalities but performed by one person.
A momentary statement with others and oneself.
Why is the state of cooking at home apparently always honest, but being on stage is not?
Freedom and responsibility.
Brutal work with oneself.
Self-criticism skyrockets.
Your unfiltered movement on stage.
I alone.
One person.

Kai Valtna „Solo“ (Tantsukuukiri nr 85 – March 2019)

Ruslan Stepanov is an Estonian choreographer, who has worked as a dancer and a choreographer in the ballet troupe of Vanemuine theatre. He has lived and worked in Görlitz and Berlin in Germany, currently working as a freelance artist in Estonia.

Artjom Astrov is know in the performing arts scene foremost as a sound designer. He also creates experimental rap-music under the name of Benzokai and is one of the founders of record label Serious Serious.