we started. with a continuous interest in loneliness and being alone. of our own and our people. and yours. now our starting point is here. maybe in ideals. on the landscapes of making noise and finding peace.
we don’t want to miss out, but it seems that mostly we do. miss out. or omit. or disappear.
but we come back. eventually.
remember, you said you wanted to talk but then a moment later asked for permission to leave. and then you said that you didn’t want to be alone anymore.
actually, we would like it to be fun. it must be.
maybe someone really starts to sympathize. and then we laugh about it. and eventually no one believes that we give a damn.
actually we would like to look into each other’s eyes.
damn, how we sometimes hate being alone and on the other hand hold it so dear.

Katrin Kubber is graduating dance teacher/choreographer specialty in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy this spring. In addition to studying, Katrin is working as an author and an interviewer in Estonian dance art and dance education union’s web magazine „Tantsukuukiri“. As an artist she is interested in creating room-specific performances and using theatricality in the context of dance performances.