“I'm fascinated with the difference between supposedly private and supposedly public and I try to engage with the issue of what it means to live in a society that's seemingly shock-proof, yet still is compelled to exercise secrecy.” Barbara Kruger

"(SOMETHING I’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF)" is a site-specific public lecture about illegal practices present in our daily life.

The line between what’s legal and what isn’t is very fine.
Lawfulness is not an absolute value, but a parameter that changes according to where we are in the world, the time we live in and the privileges we enjoy.

"(SOMETHING I’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF) is the work in progress of a research that wants to invite people to get closer to the border between legality and illegality.
Lawfulness is a norm, it defines what is considered to be normal, legitimate, in other words right, redistributing power and the perception of power within society, in order to define, categorise, divide and control.

In particular, I’d like to investigate a specific portion of the spectrum, namely the relationship between illegal acts and public space, like wild posting banners. I’d like to talk about the way we can perform this action mimetically, before everyone’s eyes, suggesting the audience possible forms of public display and public resistance, by means of their own words. I’d like to use it also as an exhortation to remind that is possible to disobey the law, if necessary, and to take the space to do that, if this space doesn’t exist.

Sara Leghissa is an artist, performer and researcher based in Milano. Graduated in Contemporary history, she co-founded, with F. De Isabella, the company Strasse, involved in production and research in the performing arts. Strasse works within the frames of performance and cinema, investigating the relationship between movement and urban landscape and using film language as a filter to understand and weight reality. As a performer, she has collaborated with various companies and choreographers, as Teatro Valdoca, -DOM, Giorgia Nardin, Muta Imago. For the Italian scene, she co-organizes, with Annamaria Ajmone, Nobodys Business, an Independent Platform for Sharing Practices in the Performing Arts, and NESSUNO, a party where artists from different disciplines are invited to stay together in order to share their strong diversity and to shuffle contexts and contents.