An elusive workout, "B B" approaches weightlifting with a friction-creating dry sensuality, featuring a female lifter on a mathematical surface, working out possible exits and shifts in the already figured-out solutions. A practice of seemingly strong, yet fragile body, dependant on repetitive training and technically precise performance. How much of this strong body becomes illusive as it is loaded with the weights of limited functions and portrayals that are projected upon her? Attracted by the gaps between the already established structures, all that is left to linger is the lacking future - potential - to arrive to more spacious territories.

barbell - a long bar used in weight training. weight plates possibly attached on each end
snatch - an olympic weightlifting movement where the objective is to lift the barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion
clean & jerk - an olympic weightlifting movement where the objective is to lift the barbell from ground to overhead in two movements. clean: lifting the bar from the ground on the shoulders. jerk: raising the bar from the shoulders to overhead
deadlift - a weight training movement in which a barbell is lifted off the ground to the level of the hips. this enables to work with heavier weights
AHAP - as heavy as possible
EM - every minute

Netti Nüganen has graduated from choreography department in SNDO, Amsterdam. Her video and stage works are mainly solos that question the hierarchical relations between the subject and the spectator. Bodybuilding, crossfit and weightlifting make her celebrate the empty and banal, welcoming displacement and gaps between recognisable signs and references. Finding solace in contradictions and pluralism, she treats everything known with careful deconstruction and everything unknown with vigilant attention. Her works have been shown in Tartu Kunstimuuseum, KIM? gallery (Riga), Uferstudios (Berlin), Frascati (Amsterdam) and Lisbon Film Festival.